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SMA Khadijah, now have meeting rooms as well as function rooms, the main function of this space is to facilitate Siwa and teachers to have a complete media and convenient to practice and express a variety of acting skills are like, lectures, dance saman, qosidah, etc. . This room has been equipped with Wide Screen LCD projectors, IT equipment, device-quality sound, air-conditioning, a large glass practice and Restroom.
In addition to providing the internet network in the PC, has been in high school Khadija for Internet access services from Laptop / Mobile PC, and the bias is also used as a medium for sharing media files between the user's laptop learning.
Laboratorium Komputer COMPUTER LABORATORY 
SMA Khadijah has 2 lab space. computer services to students independently and intense, masing2 Labkom equipped with 24 PC units, air-conditioning and connected to the Internet service, students can learn comfortably.
Kelas Berbasis IT CLASS-BASED I.T
Since SMA Khadijah declared by the Director General of National Education as a Pilot Project of international school geography, it has implemented various support services Teaching and Learning facilities in each classroom to help teachers and students to mengexplorasi media pembelakaran, and we invite native (overseas teachers) to provide development of materials to students in the class periodically.
Has been equipped with a Digital Microscope Trinokuler that can help students to display the objects in the micro-projectors and LCD screen display while recording. Expected to strengthen the curiosity of students with the practical equipment and berfariasi full knowledge and support their future.
Laboratorium Fisika PHYSICS LABORATORY
Have been equipped with accurate and accurate tool that can help students to answer all the riddles of physics. Expected to strengthen the student's curiosity with the equipment and complete berfariasi practices and knowledge to support their future.
Inside it is equipped with all the chemicals that can help students to combine substances that may be useful for life. Inside-basin sink is available at each table that can facilitate students in cleaning themselves after doing praktek.Diharapkan can strengthen the curiosity of students with the equipment and complete berfariasi practices and to support future knowledge.
Laboratorium Multimedia LAB. MULTIMEDIA
This lab allows all citizens in attendance as well as SMA Khadijah display their work to each other. Because it is equipped with a home teather sound which can support the learning and attendance.
Perpustakaan LIBRARY
Various collections of books here to support student learning, not only English-language reference books but also supported by Digital Library facilities in the form of a PC that can be used interner online. With this facility diharakan students can learn better and faster in the reference.
This room has scored a lot of students and alumni who are competent and qualified in the field of language since its inception. Development of foreign language such as Bhs. England and Bhs. Arabic is one of the priorities of the SMA Khadijah.
This mosque is the center of religious activities and is a place for all students and teachers to perform congregational prayers. There is also, students and teachers perform Duha prayer, and prayer in congregation for all citizens of the foundation during Friday prayers rows up in the Hall and Page.
Unit Kesehatan Siswa STUDENT HEALTH UNIT
This unit handles the health problems of students, which is also equipped with complete facilities to provide convenient service for students. UKS officer with BK constantly interact with parents to provide information / reports from the student's condition.
Gedung Serba Guna AULA (multipurpose BUILDING)
This building was built in conjunction with the establishment of Khadija Foundation in 1956. This place is a medium for all people in schools to display the creativity and variety of activities such as competitions, student discussions, training and religious (istighotsah, tahlil, etc.).
School canteen was built and professionally managed in the hope of providing a variety of food and drink healthy and comfortable to be enjoyed by the students, because with the consideration that the students do various activities until late afternoon.
Halaman Sekolah PARKS & SCHOOLYARD
Garden and playground has been set up with good and beautiful and can provide an atmosphere of shady, cool and can provide comfort for teachers and students in carrying out various activities. Awnings provided the school yard (huge tent) which can automatically be opened and closed as needed. In this flag-raising ceremony was also held on a regular basis.
With the availability of a large parking area, students and teachers can put the car in a neat and secure with the supervision / maintenance of the special officers and park security officer on guard 24 hours.
Counter BRIS BRI Syariah ONLINE
Now SMA Khadijah have school payments ( SPP ) online in cooperation with Bank BRI Syariah .  It allows students and parents in making the payment transaction fees and other school purposes .  And payment system is also a link to a data base of PAS SMA Khadijah .
Now SMA Khadijah has an online 24-hour ATM machines are provided in cooperation with Bank BRI Syariah .  It allows students and parents in making payments for tuition and other school through Mesi 24 -hour ATM and ATM machines are also links with SMA Khadijah PAS database.
Now Khadija has a HIGH SCHOOL machine fingerprint (Finger Print) provided for the smooth running of teaching and Learning Activities are already connected directly with the application Program School (PAS). This facility makes it easy for teachers and employees as well as students in a school where beraktifitas more easily controlled.
toilet The Small Room Representative
SMA Khadijah provide restroom facilities for which this little room to differentiate by sex that can provide comfort to any students who would use it .

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